Our Paddle Range


Fenn 3


The Fenn 3 is Fenn's most popular paddle. A mid sized wing with a medium tear drop shape. This paddle has a great catch and easy release. It comes in a lightweight racing layup or the slightly heavier though tougher River layup.


Fenn 4


The Fenn 4 is a larger tear drop shaped blade than the Fenn 3. Suited to sprint paddling and stronger ocean paddlers it has a strong catch thanks to its bigger tip. Dawid Mocke's paddle of choice for many years. 


Fenn 5

The Fenn 5 is a fantastic smaller tear drop shaped blade suited to smaller men, women and juniors or those that employ a higher cadence. A great choice for adventure racers also. 


Fenn 6

The Fenn 6 is more of an extreme tear drop shape. It has a very firm catch and early release. Good in messy water and for people who have a great catch phase of their stroke. Available in the lightweight racing layup or the more durable River construction.